Winterization & Turn Ons


When winter time approaches, one needs to prepare its system for the cold winter months. We do this through a process called winterization. During this process, your water pipes that supply your system with water will be turned off and drained. Then, the pipes in the ground will have air blown through them to insure there is no chance for freezing and breaking when the cold days of winter come about.

We guarantee all winterizations from freezing and breaking as long as they are done before the first freeze of the year. This a process that needs to be done each and every year.

Spring Turn-On

Spring turn-on’s should occur sometime around May 1st. During a turn-on, our technician will come to your home and turn your water back on from the past winterization. He will program the controller to the homeowners preferences and go through each zone one by one to make sure all heads are working properly and there are no problems with your system.

If there are any problems, we will be happy to repair them for you at that time.