New Installations

The installation of an irrigation system is a well detailed process.

  • After you call for your free estimate and you agree to go with our service, a crew of experienced workers will arrive at your home on a scheduled date to complete your installation.
  • Our licensed plumber will do the water tap inside of the house and prepare the copper pipe going to the outside.
  • The placement of each sprinkler will me measured out accurately to allow for appropriate water coverage. The crew outside will be using a machine to lay the pipe in the ground to a depth near 8 inches.
  • Then they will go through the process of installing all of the fittings and sprinkler heads needed for proper watering.
  • An electric controller will be installed most likely in the garage for easy access to the system. All components will be adjusted for the right application for the homeowner.
  • When the process is complete an extra round of cleanup will be done to ensure customer satisfaction.

Our company motto on a new install is to: Make the lawn look like we were never there.
We do this by adding extra soil or grass seed to areas that were damaged.