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      Rid O Rust Rid O Rust Product Groups ou are probably aware that our products are used in preventing irrigation stains, but we also have products that remove your stains, fertilize your lawn, and keep your irrigation system's arteries clean, to boot. If you need more information, by all means contact us.


      Rust Stain Removers We have products that remove existing irrigation stains. They are available in pre-mixed and powdered forms. Rust Stain Prevention Formulas We have products that prevent irrigation stains from occuring. There are a number of application-specific formulations. GrassSoGreen Fertilizer While you are preventing stains from occurring, you can fertilize your grass and plants as well!

      Feeder Systems

      Our rust stain prevention formulas as well as GrassSoGreen fertilizer are dispensed into well water before it comes in contact with your landscaping. We offer two basic types of feeder systems:

      Siphoning Feeder Systems Injection Feeder Systems


      Water Test Kits In order to determine the rust prevention Formula that should be used in a specific application, the user should test the well water for several properties. The amount of Formula that is to be put in the feeder system can be determined by reference to a dosage chart or by using our online dosage calculator. Pump Cover Protect your above-ground pump from rusting out because of rain and inclement weather.