• Pumps

      Stainless Steel Horizon Multi-stage 
      Pumps Stainless Steel Horizon Multi-stage Flows to 60 GPM, Heads to 240 feet (104 psig).

      Self-priming design - Once initially primed, the SSHM-2 will automatically re-prime cycle after cycle.

      Noryl® impellers & diffusers - precision molded extra-smooth ports to maximize efficiency and performance.

      Priming valve - special brass priming valve, patented for trouble-free operation during the priming cycle.

      LTH Series Pumps 
      Pumps LTH Series Pumps 1 through 5 HP - Both high head and medium head models offer heavy-duty motors, easy service design, and air volume control tapping.

      Easy Serviceability - Normal wearing parts are easily accessible for service and replacement, without disturbing piping and mounting.

      Heavy-duty Motors - Designed for continuous operation. Capacitor start, will not cause electrical interference with TV or other appliances. Nationally known motors have ball bearing, stainless steel shaft. For single- and three-phase operation, 3450 RPM.

      Drain Port - Provided for easy winterizing

      Self-Priming Pumps 
      Pumps Self-Priming Pumps Rugged Construction - Close-grained cast iron body, specially treated for corrosion resistance.

      Easy Serviceability - Normal wearing parts are easily accessible for service and replacement, without disturbing piping or mounting.

      Precision Molded Diffuser - Pump primes faster, handles more air, with multi-port, precision-molded, reinforced polypropylene diffuser.

      Motor Windings - Superior insulation materials protect against excessive moisture and contaminants... ensures prolonged motor life.

      Booster Pumps 
      Pumps Booster Pumps Flows to 100 GPM, Heads to 135 feet (57 psig).

      Stainless steel housing and shaft - maximum corrosion resistance in chemical as well as water applications. Housing includes drain/vent ports for quick priming & easier draining.

      Available in either Noryl® or 304 stainless steel impellers.

      Mechanical shaft seals are precision lapped and highly polished for long life and reliability

      Pump Cover 
      Pumps Pump Cover Pump Cover This sturdy pump cover protects the motors on all types of above-ground pumps.

      Features Rugged one piece construction Non-rusting UV-resistant Fits most pumps (22" long x 15.5" high x 18.5" wide; weighs 6.8 lbs) Allows for air circulation Easy to install Cut-out template for discharge line Feet can be secured to a base Lifetime warranty

      Pump Cover 
      Pumps Pump Cover Fake Rock Covers Use these faux rock covers to cover valuable air compressors, pumps, faucets and other items needing to be shielded from the weather.

      Conceal fixtures or equipment in your yard or garden with these new rock covers! The fake rock covers below are incredibly real looking! They are an an excellent way to conceal water pumps, filters, UV lights, air compressors, electrical boxes and other unsightly items in your landscape. Rocks come with a screened ventilation hole that allows fresh air in and prevents heat buildup. Rocks are available in slate grey, sandstone and fieldstone colors. Please note: sizes and colors may vary slightly.

      Suction Baskets 
      Pumps Suction Baskets Pump water from a lake, river, canal, cistern or well! Kleen-Flo Intake Screen System Economical! Kleen-Flo installs quickly on any system, saves many dollars on initial cost, requires minimum attention and maintenance, stays effective for years. The Kleen-Flo Intake Screen excludes virtually all dirt and foreign matter from the intake stream, protects pumping equipment from foul-up, eliminates the fuss and clogging of many filtering devices.

      Durable! The Kleen-Flo Intake Screen consists of a rust-protected cylindrical metal cage with a slip over screen of fine-mesh flexible fiberglass…this fiberglass “bag” fits snugly and completely over the cylinder and is secured with a heavy nylon draw cord. The fiberglass screen is heavy-duty grade, immune to rot or mildew, highly resistant to puncture, readily cleaned by water-spray or brushing. The fiberglass screen is replaceable in minutes at a low replacement cost.

      Functional! The cage is all metal, solidly welded into one unit, vinyl coated against corrosion, with a MIPT (Male Iron Pipe Thread) connection of 2-inches in diameter. The Kleen-Flo cylinder measure 9-inches in diameter, 28-inches in height, providing a large area of constant, clear water for volume piping without congestion at the suction point. Pumping capacity of 6,000 gallons per hour is assured with this unit.

      Kleen-Flo is great for cottages, farms, irrigation systems, stock-watering pumps, lawn-sprinkling installations, reserve ponds & wells, camps and resorts!

      Suction Basket 
      Pumps Suction Basket Slotted screens can be fabricated from the lightest class PVC to the heaviest. We can slot pipe from ½" diameter through 18" diameter and up to 20' lengths. Slot sizes .008 and wider are available with a variety of configurations possible depending on slot size, spacing and number of rows of slots. A row consists of slots, normally spaced at 1/8" intervals, cut perpendicular to the axis of the pipe and running from one end of the pipe to the other. Most pipe can take up to two rows more than the stated diameter of the pipe without significant structural weakening. Screens and pipe can be furnished with flush threaded or slip joints as well as conventional fittings.