Frequently Asked Questions

Please contact us at 586.978.0430 or 248.969.9080. Also you can email us at

A homeowner should call us sometime around May 1st, depending on the weather, and have us come out to get your system up and ready for the summer. At a Spring Turn-On a technician will come to your home turn your water on, program your controller and run and adjust all heads. At that time they will do any repairs on the system.

Your system should be winterized in the early part of October. A technician will come to your home turn off your water, drain the water from pipes and blow air through your lines to make sure no problems occur during winter time freezing. This service is fully warranted.

A rain sensor is a device that hangs from the outside of your home to measure the amount of rainfall we have had. If the rainfall exceeds a certain amount it then sends a signal to your controller to stop watering until he rain sensor dries out. These devices come in either wired or wireless for easy installation in any application.

We accept cash, check, visa, mastercard or discover.

The length of any installation varies from job to job but a normal residential yard takes one day to complete. We are not the type of company that tries to do two or three in one day because then we can not ensure quality and dependability.

One should first start by constructing a landscape design or plan that show exactly what needs to be done. All finish grading should be done then we can come in and install the irrigation. After that all plants, sod, and bed material can be brought in and installed.

One can usually always add onto a system after it is installed. It is a great idea to know where other irrigation was run before adding on. It is also very helpful to have enough extra wire and space in the controller for additional zones. If adding more to your system is a possibility at installation then something should be said so we can plan for that now instead of later

We install mainly Hunter products but if a customer has a personal preference we can install any brand that they choose to have in their yard.

Yes we are fully insured against any accidents that may occur.

We offer Lifetime Warranty on all systems as long as we maintain the system for turn on and winterization every year.

Drip Irrigation is a form of irrigation that does not spray but drips for a long period of time say an hour near each plant base that you have. This saves you water and money.

Yes we offer Financing through John Deere Credit. Please visit that link off the home page for more information.

It all depends on the season but you should water your lawn in the morning. If you water in the afternoon most of the water is evaporated and then in the evening you are more prone to diseases because your grass never has a chance to dry out. On new lawns you should water once early in the morning and again in the late afternoon until the lawn has rooted.

The damage should be minimal on the day of installation. We have a motto that says to make the lawn look like you were never there but you are disturbing the ground so we try our best. Where the lines will be pulled it will look like a little mole hill. Then if you have large trees the roots might make it difficult to pull the pipe underground.

A Rid O Rust system is a rust prevention system that injects a solution mixed with water than will balance out your water so there will be no stains on your home, cement or landscaping.

A Hunter controller has a lithium memory backup along with a 9-volt battery backup so it can store the memory of the controller if the power should go out.

Pump repair is new in 2007 and we can service any pump that is need of repair. We will do a full maintenance check up to make sure your pump is ready for watering.

We also offer winter storage and check-ups. We will remove your pump at the time of winterization, store it and go through it to make sure everything checks out ok. Please call for details.

Yes since most cities are requiring backflo esting we wanted to better serve our customers. So we now have an in house licensed plumber who does backflo testing for a charge of $75. Please call to schedule yours today.